With things as they are in the world, it’s hard to swallow the thought of contributing to the mass amount of waste products that end up in landfills (or the ocean) every single day. This is why every project at rocketdragon studio uses as much second-hand material as possible.

But actually though.

Thanks to connections in retail inventory/shipping and a thrifty artist, over 80% of all the materials used in projects in 2018 so far have been rescued before ending up in a dumpster. The materials, including everything from styrofoam to cardboard tubes, are things that are used regularly to protect hard-good merchandise during shipping, and are perfectly clean and usable. Even road-side discard, like glass table-tops, have been cleaned up and found new life as set decoration.

Not only does this save a lot of money on the front-end in supplies, but it makes use of products that are not always recyclable. Even if they are, by using second-hand or industry by-product, it reduces the demand on virgin materials and prevents the creation of more waste.

Due to the nature of film and theatre, it is regrettable that the industry creates so much waste after production’s end. This is why rocketdragon aspires to be as eco-conscious as possible, using bio-degradable and second-hand materials as much as we can, while still making really awesome art.

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