Winner of the Best SiFy Short Film at the Rollywood International Film Festival 2020
& Official Selection for the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival 2019


In the year 2020, the evil warlord Galdar threatens to destroy the peaceful United Galactic Counsel
and only one hero can save the day…

The Adventures of Dash Cloudrider: In Galdar’s Grip is a boisterous, throwback space adventure by Joe Frechette, writer and cinematographer.
The project was filmed during the summer of 2018 with virtually no budget for the array of props,
models and art for the retro-inspired, futuristic science-fiction short film.

Most of the set, props and models were constructed from second-hand materials, and rummaged from recycling bins,
but it allowed for some unique, and visually striking sci-fi elements and scenery, in a classic, campy style.