Those Who Wait (2020)

Alongside Milk in the Car Productions and Georgetown Little Theatre, Rocketdragon adapted a collection of clocks and toaster for remote activation and brewed up unspillable wine during the single-take short film while contributing to the behind-the-scenes choreography to pull off the on-screen magic.

TWW won Best Film at The 2020 Single-Take Challenge, Most Entertaining Film at The 2020 Single-Take Challenge, and Best Short Short at the Rollywood International Film Festival 2021.

Additionally, TWW made official Selection for the Milton Film Festival 2021 Studio City International Film Festival 2020, Lift-off Global Network Paris Film Festival 2020, The 2020 Single-Take Challenge, Toronto Shorts International Film Festival 2020, and Rollywood International Film Festival 2020.

Paw News (2019)

Making the best of quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic, Milk in the Car Productions called upon Rocketdragon’s puppets to tell the story of house pets during self-isolation.

The Adventures of Dash Cloudrider (2018)

Teamed up with Milk in the Car Productions and Georgetown Little Theatre, Rocketdragon  designed and created the unique props, models, and art in the sci-fi short film, The Adventures of Dash Cloudrider: In Galdar’s Grip.

TADC won Best Si-Fy at the Rollywood International Film Festival, and was screened as a final selection at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival.