Those Who Wait

Winner of the Best Short Short at the Rollywood International Film Festival 2021, Winner of Best Film at The 2020 Single-Take Challenge. Winner of Most Entertaining Film at The 2020 Single-Take Challenge. Official Selection for the Milton Film Festival 2021, Studio City International Film Festival 2020, Lift-off Global Network Paris Film Festival 2020, The 2020 Single-Take Challenge, Toronto Shorts International Film

Gingers in Love: A New Folk Musical

Gingers in Love: A New Folk Musical was an original stageplay by Bri Waters with (mostly) original music, scored by Erik Kopacsi, that debuted and had its run in Toronto in April 2015. The production parodied Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream  in a “hipster” setting, with everything intended to look second-hand and rustic. The pieces designed


Whiskers is a plush rod puppet, roughly 36″ from head to toe with armature in the paws, ears, and tail as well as detachable eyelids, making them a highly expressive puppet. Pompom is a simple hand-puppet with two points of entry for puppeting. They made their debut in Paw News, and are looking forward to their

Goat Simulator Hat- Top View

Steampunk Goat Simulator

Steampunk Goat Simulator is an in-progress interpretive cosplay project fashioned after the incredibly fun and cheesy modern classic video game, Goat Simulator. Fashioned from vinyl, worbla and fur (so far).

The Adventures of Dash Cloudrider

Winner of the Best SiFy Short Film at the Rollywood International Film Festival 2020 & Official Selection for the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival 2019 ____________________________________________________________ In the year 2020, the evil warlord Galdar threatens to destroy the peaceful United Galactic Counsel and only one hero can save the day… The Adventures of Dash Cloudrider: In


With things as they are in the world, it’s hard to swallow the thought of contributing to the mass amount of waste products that end up in landfills (or the ocean) every single day. This is why every project at rocketdragon studio uses as much second-hand material as possible. But actually though. Thanks to connections in